"Ashley ‘gets’ people, plain and simple. Along with intuition is her gift of clear vision for her clients' highest potential. Not only as a clinician, but as a human being, she longs to see her clients discover their truth, to find inner alignment, personal freedom, and fulfillment. She won't hand these gifts to you, however. She'll inspire, challenge, and support you, and witness what will be the most beautiful journey of your life."

Allison Brunner
LCSW, Psychotherapist

"Ashley is a mistress(master)mind. She is absolutely brilliant and an incredible guide. I love her insights, her knowledge, her curiosity, her willingness to dig and explore ... and Heal. I am incredibly grateful to count on her as a resource and friend."

Tanya Tecce
Mastery Level Coach, BA, BS, NLP, RYT

"If you are looking to challenge your boundaries, and are daring enough to face truth, Ashley has the gifts to lead you there. She has inspired me to free myself from the fear involved and instead experience shifts as inlets to myself."


"Ashley works with me so that I can gain my own insights, but the most important thing, for me, is that I feel safe enough to be completely myself and open enough to allow her to work with me. Ashley is purely positive energy. She is truly honest, open, and nonjudgmental, acting as a conduit for me to receive the help, love, and light I desire. Since becoming a client of Ashley's I am more attuned to myself than ever and have become aware of and receptive to my life's purpose. Thank you, Ashley. Namaste."


"Ashley helped me evaluate some fears and negative energetic holds that were coming up for me during a very intense experience. She was able to help me distinguish for myself what actions I needed to take to address the challenges arising. With Ashley's coaching and guidance, I was able to tackle some difficult power dynamics and stand firm in my boundaries. With her help I have strengthened the compassionate self-agency I have in my life."


"I was in the deepest depression and burnout I've experienced in my life when I made my initial appointment with Ashley. I remember one early session when she asked me a question. I froze, terrified of digging deeper into my pain and revealing myself to a stranger. I announced, in tears, that I didn't trust her. What she said next shocked me. She calmly and gently replied, "Thank you for telling me" and waited. It was at that moment that I began to trust Ashley and work with her to develop our transformational relationship that has seen me from my lowest to my highest in a year and a half. I think I have made such progress due to her ability to say the things I haven't wanted to hear in a way that I could and did want to work with. Ashley brought so much of her incredible self, extensive training, and wide understanding of this world to work with me. I am forever thankful for her guidance in life."


"Ashley works with energy, but not in an airy-fairy, your-aura-is-purple kind of way. Normally I'm not a believer in anything 'woo,' so I'm not sure how this happened...but I trust her. Deeply. In all seriousness, I felt relief for the planet after that reiki session."


“I went for therapy sessions with Ashley for a span of several years total, weekly or every other week, consistently during that time. Ashley has supported me through many of the most challenging times of my life, including two major relationship break-ups, countless heartbreaks over men I was dating, leaving my job, and an abortion. It is hard to say in words exactly HOW she helped me, but knowing that I had a place where I could go and that I felt safe to share anything and everything that was on my mind at the time: this is priceless. There were many times when I needed to reach out via e-mail, in the time between our weekly sessions, and she was there to support me. She provided me a respite, a place where I felt comfortable to be myself and where I never felt judged. I also first found flower essence therapy through Ashley, which is now something that I am now exploring on my own. The connection I had/have with Ashley is something that I will always be thankful for, and she has been a key player in helping me to heal my life."