"Ashley ‘gets’ people, plain and simple. Along with intuition is her gift of clear vision for her clients' highest potential. Not only as a clinician, but as a human being, she longs to see her clients discover their truth, to find inner alignment, personal freedom, and fulfillment. She won't hand these gifts to you, however. She'll inspire, challenge, and support you, and witness what will be the most beautiful journey of your life."

Allison Brunner, LCSW, Psychotherapist & colleague

"Ashley is a mistress(master)mind. She is absolutely brilliant and an incredible guide. I love her insights, her knowledge, her curiosity, her willingness to dig and explore ... and Heal. I am incredibly grateful to count on her as a resource and friend."

Tanya Tecce, Mastery Level Coach & colleague

"If you are looking to challenge your boundaries, and are daring enough to face truth, Ashley has the gifts to lead you there. As a peer and colleague, she has inspired me to move through fear and experience deeper inlets to myself."

Maureen Zdanis, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & colleague

"Ashley's work is profound. She has the fiercest of hearts and offers an exhilarating mix of healing modalities. She sees the world like no other and her articulation of ideas is utterly gorgeous...there is fire in her pen (so read her writing!). If you need someone who will hold your breaking heart, challenge your edges, and spark the growth of the wild within, she is your woman."

Meghan Dwyer, Founder of Aluna Adventures, co-facilitator & colleague

"Ashley is an impeccable writer and an integrous practitioner. She's a woman who has the strength to see things as they are and still believe in more. I am so glad to have her in my world."

KB, bodyworker, teacher, writer & colleague

"In a word, Ashley is authentic. She's also intense, soulful, smart, funny, and completely allergic to bullshit. Her space is a haven of Truth."

AA, teacher & colleague

"Ashley is a catalytic invitation into vulnerability and connection."

CP, therapist, teacher, bodyworker & colleague

“Ashley is clear, present, inspired, and inspiring. Her depth is astonishing. She fires on both right and left brain channels equally; she's as cerebrally potent as she is emotionally tender, and that is a rare feat. She is one of the most powerfully integrated, embodied leaders I know."

MH, somatic psychotherapist, workshop participant & colleague